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Diverse Thinking Different Learning

Apr 26, 2022

With April being Autism Awareness and Acceptance Month, we want to do our part to increase acceptance and understanding as well as help parents and educators connect with the resources they need. So, today we are re-airing an episode with Holly Blanc Moses all about youth with both Autism and ADHD. We’ve had several episodes on them separately and while Autism and ADHD do have a lot of overlapping qualities, children who have both have unique differences.

Today’s guest is the perfect expert not only professionally, but personally as well because she is a parent to two differently wired boys. Holly Blanc Moses joins the podcast today as everyone’s favorite behavior expert and licensed mental health therapist. She has over 23 years of experience in ADHD, Autism, and anxiety and is the host of The Autism ADHD Podcast.

Listen on to find out ways we can not only support youth with Autism and ADHD, but also find the support we need as parents and educators.


Show Notes:

[3:11] - How are kids with both Autism Spectrum Disorder and ADHD different from those with one or the other?

[3:56] - In the past, people were not allowed to be diagnosed with both.

[5:05] - Autism and ADHD have a lot of overlapping characteristics.

[6:47] - Dysregulation is a major topic of concern.

[8:34] - Many parents may feel at a loss when it comes to needing support. Holly reminds us that you are not alone.

[11:07] - Once you have your support in place, you can better regulate yourself and find the support and mentors for your child.

[11:59] - There are many groups on social media full of parents in need of support.

[13:38] - Parents are better parents when their own needs are met too.

[17:10] - Be in tune to the reason behind behaviors observed. You have to address the reason before you can address the behavior.

[18:36] - Holly tells a personal story that illustrates the reason behind a behavior.

[22:17] - Children might be confused and afraid to ask questions due to anxiety, which can lead them to appear defiant or give up.

[25:37] - With autism and ADHD, students are more likely to exhibit high anxiety and depression, and experience loneliness.

[29:39] - Holly has an online course for setting your child up for social success.

[31:07] - Be flexible in changing interventions if something isn’t working.

[32:07] - Once per year IEP meetings may not be sufficient. If something needs to change, parents should ask for additional meetings to review progress.

[33:39] - Don’t punish a child for poor grades or for things they cannot control.

[35:42] - With differently wired kids, there is an emphasis on the challenges, but remember that everyone’s wins are different.

[37:07] - Practice shifting your mindset to one of celebration.

[39:03] - Their wins are going to be different. As a parent or educator, it is important to celebrate every win possible.

[41:03] - Holly has many resources on her website, hosts the Autism ADHD Podcast, and has a lot of groups to connect with her and other parents.


About Our Guest:

Holly Blanc Moses is a Licensed Psychological Associate, a Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor, and an ADHD Certified Clinical Services Provider with over 23 years of experience in ADHD, Autism, and anxiety. She understands from both a professional standpoint and a personal one as a mother of two differently wired boys. She is also the host of the Autism ADHD Podcast.


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