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Diverse Thinking Different Learning

Apr 25, 2023

Do you experience struggles around morning routines, getting to school, transitions, homework, mealtime, getting off screens, and bedtime? You’re not alone. And if so, you don’t want to miss this conversation with Dr. Karrie Lager. 

With Dr. Karrie, we’re taking another look at a treatment modality that could be right for you and your family. It’s called Parent Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT) and it focuses on play-based coaching for parents to better interact with their child to strengthen relationships and improve behavior. Many parents have said that this was a life changing experience for them and Dr. Karrie can help us understand what PCIT is, what it entails, who it’s right for, and how it can impact the entire family.


Show Notes:

[2:23] - Let’s continue the conversation about different treatment modalities with parent child interaction therapy.

[3:21] - PCIT is evidence-based and is designed to strengthen the parent child relationship.

[4:35] - Common moments of parent stress can become a problem.

[5:20] - PCIT is unique in that therapists coach parents in real time.

[6:05] - In the past, therapists would coach through a one way mirror. Now with technology and telehealth platforms, therapists can coach in the home.

[8:28] - What are the benefits of coaching in the moment?

[9:46] - Dr. Karrie shares some of the things PCIT helps guide parents through, specifically tantrums and aggression.

[11:04] - How to notice the good in others and how to positively interact with others is one key feature of PCIT.

[13:32] - PCIT can be adapted to work with children with ADHD, Autism, and learning differences.

[14:40] - Screen time is a sticky situation for a lot of families. Dr. Karrie shares some good points about the age of the child and how they interact with screens.

[16:30] - PCIT is very play-based.

[19:12] - Typically PCIT lasts anywhere between 14 and 20 sessions and is based on the parents feeling confident in the skills.

[20:48] - Many parents have given the feedback that PCIT is life changing.

[22:13] - Parents need to also have patience and compassion for themselves as they learn how to best support their child.


About Our Guest:

Karrie Lager, Psy.D. is a California licensed clinical psychologist with over 20 years experience providing therapy to children and adults. She is the founder of the group practice and training center, Healthy Focus Psychological Center. Dr. Karrie’s specialties include parenting, mindfulness, and cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). Dr. Karrie is a UC- DAVIS certified PCIT and PC-CARE therapist and provides in-the-moment parent-child coaching to increase more calm, cooperative, and joyful family interactions. In addition to providing direct coaching to families, Dr. Karrie is a training partner with UC Davis, and she provides online therapist training in PCIT and PC-CARE certificate programs. Also, Dr. Karrie is trained as a SPACE Treatment provider through the Yale Child Study Center. In this treatment, Dr. Karrie coaches parents on tools designed to help reduce their child’s anxiety, OCD, or other related challenges. As a strong advocate for life-long learning, Dr. Karrie also oversees Healthy Focus’s education programs, offering creative and innovative continuing education for psychologists and other helping professionals. For fun, Dr. Karrie enjoys long walks with her family and puppy, mindfulness, yoga, arts and crafts, and writing.


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