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Diverse Thinking Different Learning

Apr 12, 2022

Diverse Thinking Different Learning Podcast is a small part of ChildNEXUS. Today’s episode is a bit different as we are going to dive into all the resources that ChildNEXUS has to offer in addition to guest interviews with the podcast. I want to connect you with the right resources for your child and as ChildNEXUS continues to expand, we can reach more families and educators.

So what is ChildNEXUS? It is a digital platform that provides expert curated content to parents and educators about the identification of and the intervention for learning disorders and mental health issues in children and teens. ChildNEXUS goes a step further. We connect parents with professionals who provide psychological and educational support services. Listen to this episode to learn more about what ChildNEXUS can help you with and check out the links below.


Show Notes:

[1:24] - Dr. Wilson describes her passion for helping children and what she has seen over the years.

[2:40] - Many families are told that their children are fine without the support until later in childhood and adolescence.

[3:39] - Mental health concerns and academic skill deficits are at an all time high in the United States.

[4:30] - Dyslexia is disproportionately underdiagnosed in children of color and those experiencing poverty.

[5:10] - Dr. Wilson shares staggering numbers of undiagnosed disorders in children across the world.

[6:11] - What is ChildNEXUS?

[6:49] - When a child is experiencing difficulties, parents are faced with searching for information and professionals. ChildNEXUS has it all in one place.

[7:50] - When kids are connected with the right provider, they can thrive.

[8:43] - Many professionals also offer virtual services.

[10:03] - Through content and connection, we can change the lives of children and adolescents.


Links and Related Resources:


Are you a provider or head of school who serves kids who learn and think differently? We would love to have you in our community. Click here to find out more.


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