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Diverse Thinking Different Learning

Oct 19, 2021

Imagine a learning environment with one student and one teacher in the classroom. For some, this may seem too good to be true. For others, there are many questions that arise, like socializing, independent work, and how to find success with this model. Today, Jaime Porras and Vailet Yarijanian from Fusion Academy join me in a discussion about a customizable 1:1 learning experience for middle and high school students.


In this episode, Jaime and Vailet explain how Fusion Academy works and how even the students who are okay in a traditional setting can thrive in this type of learning environment. They answer the commonly asked questions about learning differences, socialization, and academic anxiety in adolescent students and share successes they have found over the years. Fusion offers so many options for every kind of learner and has campuses all over the country. So listen to find out more about this engaging and innovative approach to education and how it might help your child succeed.


Show Notes:

[1:48] - Some students do not thrive in a traditional learning environment.

[2:58] - Fusion is a fully accredited middle and high school with a completely customizable curriculum for each student to find success.

[4:10] - Fusion has 70 campuses in the country and a global program.

[5:28] - This individualized approach is successful because teachers are able to differentiate and customize the learning experience for each student.

[7:08] - Jaime describes a customized schedule that would vary per student based on their needs.

[8:50] - Fusion is not a specific type of school. Vailet explains their model.

[10:01] - Fusion also offers fully customizable and flexible scheduling with early and late hours of operation.

[11:14] - At the moment, Fusion offers courses for middle and high school due to the level of autonomy needed for students to work independently.

[13:06] - To address social skills and interaction, Vailet describes Homework Cafes.

[14:44] - There are also club offerings on each campus.

[16:10] - If a club doesn’t exist, students can write proposals and create them with a teacher’s guidance.

[17:31] - Because of the one on one environment, students are less likely to develop social anxiety regarding their academic weaknesses.

[19:01] - At Fusion, they teach to the student, not the standard.

[21:11] - In addition to social interactions, there are opportunities for academic socialization.

[22:45] - Vailet gives an example of social stigma that is avoided with a 1:1 model.

[25:10] - What kind of student benefits from this kind of learning model?

[26:32] - Even students who do fine in a traditional classroom might not be thriving there.

[29:13] - Students with attention issues but don’t qualify for services thrive in this setting.

[30:17] - COVID changed things drastically for education.

[32:48] - For Fusion, there is no yearly commitment. You can take a few classes at a time.

[34:41] - Fusion looks at outcomes per individual student and changes the game plan if needed.

[36:01] - Students can take a single course in an area of weakness and most schools of record will work with Fusion.

[38:14] - Many parents are looking for alternative education models during the COVID-19 pandemic.


About Fusion Academy:

As the nation’s most engaging educational experience, Fusion Academy can help your middle or high school student rediscover their love of learning. With one student and one teacher per classroom, the entire school journey is individualized for your child.

For the 2021-2022 school year we are still offering customized options of in-person, hybrid, and virtual learning. We’re ready to customize a plan that works best for your student and what they’re comfortable with this fall. We’re able to be flexible so we can provide the stability your family needs during these uncertain times. Our one-to-one model allows us to customize schedules, instruction, and pacing so your student gets an education tailored specifically to them.


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