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Diverse Thinking Different Learning

Apr 16, 2024

Welcome back to the Diverse Thinking Different Learning Podcast. Today, we're diving into a crucial topic that affects families worldwide: childhood anxiety. Joining us is Dr. Elizabeth Karp, a licensed clinical child psychologist and adjunct lecturer at Stanford University School of Medicine. With her expertise in evidence-based interventions for ADHD, anxiety, and autism spectrum disorder, Dr. Karp provides invaluable insights into supporting children and families facing these challenges.

In this episode, we're building on our previous discussions about childhood anxiety, delving deeper into its prevalence and impact. Dr. Karp highlights the importance of recognizing signs of anxiety in children, such as changes in behavior and social withdrawal. We'll explore how anxiety affects not only the child but also the entire family dynamic.

Dr. Karp shares practical strategies for parents, including the SPACE program, which empowers families to navigate anxiety together. From understanding the role of parental involvement to implementing supportive techniques, this conversation offers valuable guidance for parents and families who want to help their children and might not know where to begin.

Show Notes:

  • [2:47] - Anxiety is incredibly common but is often not treated.
  • [3:31] - How is your child’s suspected anxiety getting in the way of them living the life they want to live?
  • [4:37] - Is this a change for them? Are they holding back in areas they used to be engaged with?
  • [5:18] - How is their anxiety affecting the entire family?
  • [7:31] - The answers to these questions can guide a parent to understand that their child’s anxiety needs more attention than general worry.
  • [9:47] - It is recommended to have an initial consultation with a provider or begin with a pediatrician who can make a referral.
  • [13:41] - There are so many things that anxiety impacts. Parents are experts on their child, but a psychologist can help as an expert on anxiety.
  • [15:25] - Unfortunately, there are long wait lists for mental health support.
  • [16:55] - Think about ways a child can participate in mastery experiences. Dr. Karp explains what this is and how it supports them.
  • [18:57] - Seeing themselves improving a skill over time helps build confidence and resilience.
  • [20:20] - SPACE is Supportive Parenting for Anxious Childhood Emotions and Dr. Karp describes how this program can help parents learn how to help their child.
  • [22:56] - Dr. Karp demonstrates one of the strategies used in the SPACE Program called supportive statements.
  • [26:08] - The strategies in SPACE are very “portable.”
  • [28:08] - Parental involvement is key in a child’s treatment of anxiety.
  • [30:58] - It is so powerful for children to hear how you, as an adult, manage your own anxiety.

About Our Guest:

Dr. Elizabeth Karp is a licensed clinical child psychologist and an adjunct lecturer at Stanford University in the school of medicine. She provides evidence-based interventions, including cognitive behavioral therapy, for children and families with concerns related to ADHD, anxiety, and autism spectrum disorder. She has a particular expertise in working with parents to support their children with these areas of concern.

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