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Diverse Thinking Different Learning

Sep 19, 2023

Many parents see themselves in their children. And when a child is evaluated and diagnosed with ADHD, some parents realize that they have had the same struggles. Research shows that as many as 1 in 5 people have ADHD and because we know that the heritability of ADHD is about 80%, the odds that many adults are struggling with undiagnosed ADHD are high. With this realization, many parents are receiving an ADHD diagnosis during adulthood and like today’s guest, their struggles make a lot of sense.

Holly Blanc Moses returns to the podcast today to share her own experience with a late diagnosis of ADHD. We also discuss what it’s like parenting when you yourself have ADHD and what strategies are helpful for navigating the parent and life journey.

Holly is the host of The Autism ADHD Podcast where she describes this experience, offers support and resources for parents, and continues to navigate her own parenting journey of two neurodivergent children.


Show Notes:

[2:13] - Welcome back, Holly!

[3:51] - Holly learned that she struggled because of undiagnosed ADHD and opened up about it on her podcast The Autism ADHD Podcast.

[5:50] - Holly reflects back on her childhood and the struggles that make more sense now that she understands her diagnosis.

[7:37] - The symptoms are different in girls and women because they are so good at masking. Symptoms are often overlooked.

[9:14] - Many adults who have gone undiagnosed have created a story in their minds that they aren’t good enough.

[11:01] - Holly describes her experience in realizing that she likely has ADHD and why she sought an evaluation for herself.

[12:28] - The completion of the evaluation and the diagnosis of ADHD was such a relief for Holly.

[14:30] - Some tasks for Holly are still very hard, but she is able to focus without distraction on her interests.

[15:53] - A lot of parents become concerned that they can’t help manage their child’s ADHD if they can’t manage their own.

[19:22] - Many women with ADHD also struggle with perfectionism.

[21:55] - We have to be patient with ourselves and stop beating ourselves up. We have to look at a lot and be okay with not getting everything done.

[26:05] - Don’t try to be something that you are not.

[27:21] - Mindfulness is important.

[30:03] - Connect with Holly through her podcast The Autism ADHD Podcast.


About Our Guest:

Holly Blanc Moses is a neurodivergent therapist, coach, and online course creator who specializes in supporting neurodivergent children, teens, adults, and their families. Over the last 23 years, she has provided mental and behavioral health services in the areas of emotional regulation, anxiety, depression, social interaction, and school success. Holly is the host of the popular podcast - The Autism ADHD Podcast. She is the owner of Crossvine Counseling in Raleigh, NC, a therapy group specializing in evaluations and therapy for neurodivergent individuals and she is also the mother of two neurodivergent boys.


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