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Diverse Thinking Different Learning

Sep 5, 2023

Lately, we’ve been focusing on preparing students who think and learn differently for a transition back to school. But today’s topic is an interesting and often overlooked aspect of mental health - nutrition. Studies show that what we eat can significantly impact our mental wellbeing. The same is true for children and teens and we can help support their mental health through their diet.


Show Notes:

[1:34] - Emerging research is showing that our dietary choices play a role in our mental health.

[3:07] - Avoiding processed options is best but Americans get most of their calories from processed foods.

[4:10] - How does nutrition impact our brains?

[5:19] - Improving nutrition can have positive effects on depression and ADHD.

[8:49] - Embrace whole foods.

[9:04] - Variety is key.

[9:20] - Consider a culture of mindful meals.

[9:50] - Minimize processed foods.

[11:14] - Everyone is different. It is important to consider a personalized approach.




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The Diverse Thinking Different Learning podcast is intended for informational purposes only and is not a substitute for medical or legal advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Additionally, the views and opinions expressed by the host and guests are not considered treatment and do not necessarily reflect those of ChildNEXUS, Inc or the host, Dr. Karen Wilson.